How can online & mobile queuing help in better queue management?

Mobile queuing can help in better space management & social distancing...

Advantages of having a mobile queuing system?

Usual queuing systems employ a linear method of issuing token on site when the customer is within the premises. So the customer walks into the servicing area and takes a token from the token vending station. Post that the customer starts to linger around in the area hoping that his / her token will be called soon. This system has certain inherit problems. Lets list them down.

Customer dissatisfaction: As the customer does not know the time he / she has to spend in the premises beforehand. Customer also doesn't know the current status of the queques at the location and so he / she is left with no option but to visit the location physically.

Overcrowding: Since customers come as per their convenience, it is difficult to predict when they will come for the service. This usually results in huge crowds.

No forecasting: Since the business doesn't know when the customer is coming, there is no way to predict or forecast the number of expected customers.

So, it is better to draw strategies where by the customer should know beforehand how much time it will take them for the activity and what is the ideal time to visit the location. It would also be ideal if the customer gets to know the status of the queues at the location. Further if the business knows when the customer is coming then it can also plan better.

So, how will mobile & web queuing help?

Wait Time Management

Waiting in a queue can be a frustrating situation for the customer. There is a decent percentage of customers who would abandon the queue for waiting more than 6 to 7 mins. QSense helps people in queue to have an idea of wait time. Whats more people using mobile or web queuing can get an idea beforehand about the average wait time at a particular location.

Cost & Resources Efficient

It is better that the customer arrives in the offices at a predefined time rather than everyone coming in one go. This shall ensure minimal crowds. Since the business shall know beforehand about when to expect the customers it can take business decisions with relevant data. If more customers are expected at a particular time then the business can deploy more service agents to cater to the demand. Queue management helps you to manage the business more efficiently hence giving business a chance to cut on costs and boost revenue. Operational processes become efficient by use of online and mobile queuing software. Cutting on costs automatically helps in increase the business profitability.

Customer Satisfaction

Efficient operational procedures and better tracking of every token leads to customer satisfaction and retainment. When the customer knows beforehand about the current queue status and expected wait timing, they can plan their visits better. This ensures that they don't feel let down by the sytem and get a sense of transparency about the business.

Staff Satisfaction and Efficiency

A Queue management software does not ensure the satisfaction of your customers only but also helps in staff satisfaction. Because of mobile and web queuing the staff already knows the expected cutomers for a particular time period. Not only how many customers but also the type of customers and business requirements are also know beforehand. That is useful information and can be of tremendous importance. That ways they can plan better.

Better Service Quality

Giving a customer chance to get an idea of his/her queue status allows them to use time for something else rather than standing in line and wasting time.

So it is better to give your customers an option to know the queue status and peak times of your business. Once you are onboarded on QSENSE, you can give your customers an option for mobile and web queuing system so that they can make better informed decisions and your business can have happy customers.