How self-service helps in customer satisfaction

Self service helps in better transparency, shorter queues, more convience & better communications among others.

How self-service helps in customer satisfaction?

Dependency is a Curse!

What are the feelings you experience when you are independent?

Being in control, transparency, better time management eventually leading into better results are some of them. Self-service offers customers to experience the same feelings as being independent. These days’ customer expectations are as demanding as they ever have been and customer satisfaction is what every business is aiming to achieve. That’s where self-service adds value to achieve customer satisfaction. Either you are looking for a quick way to pay or you want seamless service for your orders, self-service can make things easier for you.

What is self-service?

Self-service offers customer’s with self-help functions which allows them to choose the most suitable options without any interfere and as per their requirements. In order to enhance customer experience it is important to maintain customer service at highest level and self-service plays a key role in achieving that. They can choose exactly what they want. Customers enjoy these experiences because they are able to decide what suits them best by directly interacting with kiosk rather than answering questions from executive.

Benefits of self-service


Self-service is about providing convenience to the customers as they can use the service at their leisure via any channel of their choosing be it web, email and mobile at their ease.

Complete transparency

Self-service offers real-time visibility on status of your request.

No more queues

Waiting for your turn in different sectors for getting your work done is the most daunting task as a customer. Self-service can do wonders here. You will not have to wait for your turn as you can directly add your requirements and get answers quickly.

Mobile connectivity

Self-service provides customers a streamlined process, where they can use different services without interacting with any third party.

Reduce paper work

Self-service is an innovative approach for customers that have replaced the use of paper with automated electronic applications.

Better Communication

Customers can easily get their tickets or token without much hassle. They can easily access their data and receive important notifications based on their requirements.

Better results

Different customers can be served in short span of time, which will eventually reduce the stress on reception centres and enhance the work efficiency.

If you want efficient customer service with decreased data entry time, self-service is ideal choice for you! QSENSE provides hardware devices which ensures that customers can take the tokens from the panels themselves without any dependence on anyone.