QSENSE Features

QSENSE is feature rich solution to improve your customer experience

QSENSE features How is QSENSE better that others

Features of QSENSE

QSENSE is best of class. The system provides feature rich environment to ensures easy configurations.

Easy to manage

QSENSE is easy to manage & configure from web, mobile or tablet

Centralised Dashboard

Manage the work load using a centralised Dashboard and take informed decisions

Visibility & Transparency

Give your customers a better visibility and showcase your transparency


The system helps can be configured for single queuing system or complex processes


Power of Cloud

Being on sustained cloud ensures that QSENSE is available anywhere, anytime and on any platform


Multiple Options

You can create multiple campaigns, processes & workflows... at a click of a button


Intelligent Displays

It is not just about placing a big TV in the hall, it is much more. Its how we display the workflow

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Real time Dashboards

The administrator of QSENSE has got real time Dashboards to check how the queues are shaping up


Live Alerts

With live alerts using SMS or Push notification in the web app, the customer is kept in loop about the timelines


Transparent Pricing

QSENSE pricing is simple, there are no hidden costs

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Power of Digital Signage

How about running short ads while the customer is waiting, QSENSE has an inbuilt support for that



QSENSE supports add on modules in which the customer can pre-register their visits to your location


Feeds your back

Using the add on modules you can get real time customer feedbacks through agent display units or through the mobile app

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Advantages of QSENSE Queue Management Software & Hardware systems in comparision to other systems

Usual queue or token management systems work offline and within that particular process of the business establishment. These usually use seven segment displays to show the queue processing. There is a single token dispensing station without much focus on the services or the complexity of the processes. QSENSE changes all that. Because it is all in one system with modern design, cloud based and backed by versatile hardware system.

  • Power of Cloud: Most of the queuing systems work on an offline basis and so are difficult to manage. If you have to make any change then you need to visit the device onsite. QSENSE is based on cloud and so you are able to manage it from a centrlised location.

  • One system - Multiple Applications: Multiple campaigns, multiple processes, multiple desks, multiple agents. QSENSE can be configured for single service model or multi service models. The queues can be linear or hybrid. So basically QSENSE is a single system required for any kind of a customer flow.

  • Better reporting for Queuing system: QSENSE works on a centrlised basis and so the reporting can have multiple aspects. The system can inform both the service provider and the customer about tentative timeilnes so as to keep the expectations aligned.

  • Customer information management: QSENSE also keeps historical data so that the customer can be served better. In hybrid processes service providers / agents have the option to put comments to a particular token so that the next serving agent can make a more informed decision.

  • Customer appointments & flow forecasting: QSENSE allows registation of appointments and generation of tokens remotely. This can helps both businesses and customers immensely. Business will know who is coming to what location and so can plan better. Customers shall be able to pre-book its visit and shall get real time timings.

  • Better hardware optimization : Since QSENSE is connected to cloud, it is positioned uniquely to get the best of the hardware systems because it's devices work in real time and can be monitored from a centralised location.