Applications & usages of QSENSE

QSENSE is a versailte application with many features. QSENSE is also supported through different plans as per the customer requirement. QSENSE has various applications across continuum industry verticals. Some of the applications are listed below. If you have a different requirement doesn't mean that QSENSE shall not work for you. Contact us to know more about how we can customize a solution for your specific requirement.

queue management system in collges & universities

QSENSE queue management system for education sector: schools, universities, institutes etc.

Admission process

QSENSE queue management system can be very helpful to streamline the admission process. This is time when the students turn in large numbers and with a lot of questions. Usually the queues are longer and hybrid as well. There are multiple processes within the main admission process and so a queue management system is required so as to bring order and avaoid chaos.

Academic process

Queue management system can also be used for various academic processes within the campus. These can be in the libraries, examination centers, labs or any other areas where there are more than a couple of people to avail the services. These can also help in sorting the queues in the time based high density areas like canteens etc.

QSENSE queue management for hospitals, clinics & doctors

QSENSE queue management system can be used queue management for both outpatients & inpatients. The basic queue management can be similar in clinics as well. Queue management system can also be used for various business processes within hospitals like sample for testing giving processes. In the similar sense it can also be used for testing labs.

Admission queues

Sample taking process

queue management system in hospitals

queue management system in service centers

QSENSE queue management system for service centers

Basic process management

QSENSE queue management system is a perfect fit for service centers. There can be multiple service requests in the service centers. Also usually the process takes longer time than other scenarios. It is better to use a queue management system and manage the crowd better.

QSENSE Analytics

Further it can be frustating that when you arrive at a service center, you have no option but to wait in a queue. You don't know how much time it will take for your turn because there is no such data available. This is where QSENSE is better than traditional token systems, it has got all the analytics so as to keep the customer informed, so that the customer doesn't feel left out.

QSENSE queue management system for banks & insurance offices

Linear queues

Banks provide various services through their retail branches. These services can be sorted through QSENSE queue management system. The customer may just come to withdraw some cash or to deposit a cheque or for account opening. Each process is going to take different timeline. Also each process shall be serviced from seperate desks.

Hybrid queues

Further these processes may have many sub - processes and thus a complete hybrid system.

queue management system in hospitals

QSENSE has got all the features to take care of these application and any other related applications. Contact us today to know how we can take this further.