Manage Queues better with QSENSE

QSENSE is a Cloud based electronic queuing system. QSENSE helps organisations manage the customer queues better at offices, customer service centers, doctors waiting areas, student admission processes etc.

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QSENSE is a cloud based Electronic Queue Management System which helps organisations to manage the Customer queues better at offices, retail centres, hospitality locations, customer service centers etc.

Manage Customer flow better

QSENSE helps to manage customer flow in a better manner so that the customer doesn't feel lost when they are in your premises.

Manage queues better

Using QSENSE customer doesn't need to be in a physical queue, they just wait for their turn at the waiting area.

Visibility & Transparency

Manage the work load using a centralised Dashboard and take informed decisions. Give your customers a better visibility and showcase your transparency

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Configure your ticket booking alert, through sms, email, slip print, push notifications

Understand customers better

QSENSE shall give you access to the customer's visit history, so that you can help them better

Real time alerts

Using real time alerts you keep the customer in the loop, so that they don't feel left out

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Why do businesses need a good Queue Manager Software & Hardware Systems

A customer usually wastes a good deal of time standing in a queue to be served. This is a common scenario in service centers, hospitals, clinics, education centers, universities, schools, banks, insurance office, telecom offices, labs etc. During this time the customer is frustrated and is unable to do anything. All he/she can do is to stare impatiently at the back of the person’s head in front of him/her in the queue. The problem multiples when the person standing in the queue is old age or someone who is not able to wait in the queues.

QSENSE presents a solution to this problem with the customer just having to make an entry in Customer Entry Display unit and generate a token. Post that the customer waits in the waiting area. Once his token is displayed on the main branch display screen the customer proceeds to the desk assigned. This ensures that customer does feel frustrated while waiting (usually standing) in the queue. If the wait time is expected to be longer then the customer may take care of other tasks.

QSENSE bring order to your queues by giving the customer peace of mind knowing that they shall be served in a timely manner and in a predefined order. QSENSE also brings more productivity in service agents as they need not be concerned about the crowds. They need to service one person at a time.

QSENSE has plenty of great features to greatly ease the process of queue management in most complex systems. Further more, check how QSENSE has much more advantages as compared to any other solution in the market.

QSENSE also brings the best of hardware items for smoothing of the queues. Know more about our devices , how we can solve most of the hardware problems in queue management systems.